Why Should You Immigrate to Canada

WharfMigrating to different location (country) sometimes impacts a tremendous effect on the immigrants, because shifting to completely new location changes the lifestyle of the person. Planning to live in Canada will be really an awe-inspiring experience, but it is important to know not whole but at least a little important information about the country, where you are moving.

Canada’s Population

The growth rate of the population in Canada increases one percent every year, including the immigrants. A largest part of the populations is the non-European immigrants, among which a large percentage of population is from the Asian Continent. The popular states for the immigrants are Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and the British Columbia.

Weather Condition

The winter season in Canada takes quite a time; most parts of the country have the temperature of around -180 Celsius. The summer season starts from July to August in the whole country from the normal warm temperature to 200 Celsius. The warmest region are the east and west coasts having more rain than the other coasts. The central part of the country is mostly covered in heavy snowfall during the season of winter.


Canada is considered as the 2nd country in the category of largest country. So it might be a little difficult relocating there if the person is moving from any smaller place. To drive across the country nearly takes two weeks, because of it being the largest a majority of the area of land is only populated party.


There are two languages that are considered official in Canada, which are French and the English language, while English is spoken mostly. Many states and regions in the Canada speaks English, whereas Quebec is the only the one where French language is used mostly.


Advertises regarding the rental places like apartments and houses are published in the newspapers and pamphlets. Also there are real estates too, who can help the immigrant in finding the perfect home. Houses that are single detached are very common in many regions of Canada and also houses on rents are available too both in furnished and unfurnished conditions.

Immigrating to Canada is an awesome experience. Good Luck!

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