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Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories, and is the second largest country in total area. This country has a common border with the United States, with many people going back and forth across the border for employment and vacation or to study at one of the universities. These include the University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, in British Columbia and more in the nine other provinces of the country. This creates a need to apply for a visa, since the laws changed after 9/11 and this is a complex process that can be explained to simplify the process, by a Montana immigration lawyer.

This is a unique country, with some of the territories or provinces speaking French, while others use English as their first language, due to the Seven Year’s War, involving French and British troops. The culture is contributed by a broad range of nationalities, and Canada has policies that promote multiculturalism, and they are protected constitutionally. The country has ensured the immigrant or nonimmigrant has rights that are protected to visit, live and enjoy all the country has to offer. The 2011 Canadian census, showed a total population of 33,476,668 people living in the country, which was an increase of 5.9 percent, since the 2006 census. The increase was mainly due to immigration, rather than natural growth, according to census officials. The immigration process is complex and Canada has there, own rules and regulations for entry into the country. The immigration lawyer Montana can assist in explaining this process, helping with visa renewals, waivers, green cards and extensions.

The economy is largely based on industry involving natural resources and international trade, which a large amount is done with the United States. This is the eleventh biggest economy in the world, with manufacturing, mining and service sectors growing and that has transformed the country from rural areas, to its present-day economy. While manufacturing and mining are high on the list of industry, logging and petroleum industries are extremely prominent. Canada is one of the countries that exports energy and have the second-largest oil reserves, with Saudi Arabia coming in at first place. The Canadian Prairies are one of the global producers of wheat, grains and canola, along with the country being a major producer of uranium, zinc, aluminum, gold and nickel. In the manufacturing sector, the automobile and aeronautics industries are important industries.

Canada is a country that has huge cities, large industry and outdoor activities, with skiing as one of the largest tourism activities. The large ski resorts have activities for all ages at locations like Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain and Whistler, in Vancouver, BC. Other activities include kayaking, hiking, ocean tours, and fishing. In order to enjoy the many outdoor activities, travel and tours the visitor must have a visa, to legally enter the country. The Montana immigration attorney can assist in the application process for a visitor’s visa to travel to Canada to enjoy the many activities.