Immigration to Canada Requirements to Enter the Country

Immigration to Canada Requirements is much like entering the United States, with some exceptions. The first thing that should be realized is that no one has the right to enter another country, without going through the proper application process and obtaining a visa. This may be easier for some people, than others.

If the person that would like to visit Canada to live or work there and has had a criminal offense will not find it as easy to enter the country and will have a much different visa process. Canada’s immigration laws and officials take criminal offenses seriously. Depending on the offense, there are four different processes that can be used. Even if the criminal offense was a driving under the influence offense, without an accident or other incidence, such as not pulling over for police immediately. This is because in Canada, the DUI is considered a felony, even if it was not a felony conviction in the United States.

The immigration to Canada Requirements, follow the Canadian immigration laws and the Canadian immigration policy is strict for anyone who has a criminal offense. This will mean going through one of the four processes, depending on the conviction, which are Deemed Rehabilitation, Streamlined Rehabilitation, Approval of Rehabilitation, or a Temporary Resident Permit.

There is no-open door policy when entering a country that you are not a citizen of and even with one of these immigration processes, it still might mean that you will not be approved. DUI is not the only criminal offense that is a felony in Canada, just one that affects many people who would like to enter the country for vacation or for business. Other offenses that could mean going through one of the rehabilitation processes to be approved to enter Canada are misdemeanor drug possession, negligent driving, theft, shop lifting or domestic violence.

The Deemed and Streamlined rehabilitation process is much easier than the other two processes, and take less time. The problem is not everyone can use these two and to be certain which rehabilitation process is the appropriate one to apply, the Montana immigration lawyer can explain the rules and regulations and which, is the proper process to apply. Applying for the wrong rehabilitation visa will not be approved, and you would not be able to enter Canada. The other thing that the person applying, if they must apply for the Approval of Rehabilitation or the Temporary Resident Permit, will be to apply very early. Do not plan a visit or business trip thinking that either of these two processes or approvals will happen immediately. In some cases, it can take six months or longer for the Temporary Resident Permit.

All four of these processes will require extensive paperwork, and if there are questions about the necessary paperwork, the immigration attorney Montana will have all the answers for questions about this paperwork. This can be invaluable immigration lawyer advice, because not submitting all of these documents will mean having the entire application rejected.

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