Immigrating to Canada

The CIC, which is a federal department, is  the one which decides who may come in Canada and creates the policy of immigrating to Canada . CIC is also responsible for implementing laws for immigration. Every immigrant, whether it is a temporary worker or foreign student, have to go through particular related regulation and requirements from CIC. Furthermore, CIC is responsible for providing services and programs to aid the newly migrated people to settle in Canada. These types of services include aiding in job search, training for official language, helping with interacting and translating, etc.

Application For Immigrating to Canada

All application are usually done from outside of Canada, like at High Commission, Canadian Embassy or Consulate. In some cases, applications are also done in the Canada through a contact from Call Centre of CIC. You can find many information and assistance from CIC office for free, but the processing fee is necessary to be paid for submitting every application. If your application is declined, then there will be no refund of your processing fee. Moreover, before the issue of visa, a fee for Right of Permanent Residence is also necessary on every candidate who is above 19. After that, a completed and full application along with necessary documents and fees should be mailed to the office of visa. Sometimes, personal interview and more documentation are also necessary. After that, if you are selected, then you will get a visa of immigration.

Eligibility For Immigration: Every candidates are chosen and evaluated on same principles. It is also necessary to pass some important security and health tests like going through medical examinations and checking of your personal history to check for any criminal record, etc.

Eligibility For Family Class: People who immigrate under this class are blood relatives of those who have sponsored them and are permanent residents of Canada.

Eligibility For Business Class: People who have enough resources and experience to run business in Canada are the one who immigrate under this category. There immigrants should apply in Business Immigration Centre and the requirements of eligibility are different for all categories.

Eligibility For Skilled Worker Class: There people are those who are chosen and have potential of contributing in the labor market of Canada.

There are different eligibility requirements for people who apply for immigrating to canada with different class.


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