Immigrating To Canada Under Skilled Worker Category

First of all, you need check out the Canadian National Occupational Classification for the occupations in which you have experienced or have worked for at least one year in previous ten years. You can find online assessment for free from many websites of representatives of immigration. Use them because they are free. Sometimes, they will request you to give your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to their customer or sales representative. Give them your CV via email without hesitating. Later, if you are contacted by them, then this will mean that they are satisfied with you, since you are qualified. Confirm your eligibility by trying out online assessments from various websites and for three times, at least. Next thing you have to do is to get the application forms and fill it. These forms can be found for free from the website of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship. After that, search for an office of visa in your location. Find out the requirements from visa office which should be attached with your application form. These requirements can be like, police certificate, birth certificates, etc. Now, if you are done with that, its time for you to pay the fees for your application. You can either pay it by a credit card or by cash. Each immigrating person needs to pay the application. If the person is below 22 years then CAD150 if needed and if a person is above 22 then CAD550 will be needed. After you have submitted your application and when the Centralized Intake Office gets it, it will now take 2-3 months to get any response from them. In this duration, the authorities assess your case for eligibility and completeness. After 2 or 3 months, you will get a response from them through a letter. If your case was not succeeded and your application was ineligible then this letter will explain you the causes for this and it will give you the instruction for getting the refund of your processing fee. If your case is successful and your application is eligible then you will get a correspondence from Intake office. Now you must gather your every required document as per the letter and your File Number too. Now, if your immigration interview is compulsory then a mail or an email will inform you for that. Mostly, you must verify your attendance to your interview. Therefore, this interview is of utmost importance.

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