Canadian Immigration Forms Are The Only Way to Enter with a Criminal Conviction

Canadian immigration forms are the only way to enter Canada, if you have a criminal conviction. It is not easy to enter Canada and in some cases even filing an application might not be enough, instead one of the rehabilitation forms may be required to fulfill the Canadian immigration requirements to enter the country. There are four different processes that can be used by the person that will have problems entering the country, due to having a criminal record. The offenses that may not seem extremely serious or even almost commonplace in the United States are often felony type convictions in Canada.

Then the next step after applying and submitting all the necessary documents, which will include information about the conviction, the Canadian immigration assessment will determine, if the application package is satisfactory and will be approved by the Canadian immigration and customs officials.

The Canadian immigration forms can be confusing, since they are extensive, for anyone who has had a criminal conviction. Along with this there are specific rules and regulations regarding the amount of time since the conviction for the offense and that all of the sentencing requirements have been fulfilled. The Canadian immigration attorney can assist in explaining the documents that are necessary to submit with the application to obtain a visa. The documents include submitting:

  • A birth certificate or United States passport
  • Photo identification
  • Police certificates from the state the conviction or convictions occurred.
  • Police certificates from every state the applicant has been a resident for over six months, since the conviction.
  • A copy of the court documents from the conviction or convictions.
  • Proof that the sentences, restitution, fines and any other costs have been satisfied.
  • A recent FBI identification record.

These are documents that can be confusing to understand how to obtain them, when this becomes a problem, the Canadian immigration lawyer’s advice can be invaluable. Applying for one of the four types of immigration processes, which include the Deemed Rehabilitation, Streamlined Rehabilitation, Approval of Rehabilitation or a Temporary Resident Permit must be done properly. Missing even one of the Canadian immigration forms that are necessary to submit will mean having it rejected.

These are not processes that should be done the same time that the trip to Canada is planned, because it takes time for these applications to be approved by the Canadian immigration authority and attempting to enter at a Canadian immigration border crossing, without applying for one of the rehabilitation processes, if you have a criminal conviction will mean getting turned away. Not being a citizen means border crossing officials has the authority to turn anyone away, if they do not meet the standards of the immigration rules and regulations. The person that has a criminal conviction will be turned away, if they have not applied for one of the rehabilitation programs and had their visa approved by the Canadian immigrations and customs officials.

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