Canadian Immigration Eligibility Document Submission

When the person that would like to visit Canada on vacation or for business has a criminal conviction in their past, they must then apply for one of the four rehabilitation visas. Which one they will be required to apply for, will depend on their type of conviction. Even if it was a DUI, it is impossible just to enter the country at a Canadian immigration border crossing, without one of these types of visas.

The Deemed and Streamlined rehabilitation visa can be applied for at the border, but the other two, cannot. This is the Approval of Rehabilitation and the Temporary Resident Permit that can only be applied for at the Canadian Consulate in the United States. When an individual is required to apply for any of these four rehabilitation processes, there are documents that will be required to submit with the application. The Canadian immigration guidelines are crucial to follow and in some cases may need the assistance of the legal professional with Canadian immigration laws knowledge to explain the necessary documents. The immigration lawyer can explain what to expect with the Canadian immigration interview questions, and how long it may take to be approved for a rehabilitation visa. The documents that are required to submit with the application for any of the rehabilitation visas include:

  • A birth certificate or a valid United States passport.
  • Photo identification.
  • Copies of court documents for each conviction.
  • Proof that the sentence has been satisfied, all of the costs have been paid, including fees, fines and restitution.
  • Recent police certificates from the state that the conviction or convictions occurred.
  • Recent police certificates from every state the individual has resided, since the conviction for longer than six months.
  • A recent FBI identification record.

These documents may be confusing that are required to obtain. The Canadian immigration lawyer will be able to make this process go smoothly, by explaining how these documents are gathered. They can explain how to, properly submit them to the Canadian immigration and customs officials either at a border crossing or at a Canadian Consulate in the United States. Omitting even one of these documents or improperly submitting them can result in the application being denied or held up, until the error is corrected. This can be daunting for the individual who would like to enter Canada on vacation or for business. The Temporary Resident Permit it can take six months or longer for it to be approved, when all the documents are submitted correctly. Having this visa application rejected for not having all the documents or properly submitting it, can be crushing. Getting the right information from a legal professional who knows the Canadian immigration rules can avoid being declined for a visa, due to improper submission of documents.

The individual who uses any of these four processes to enter Canada are depending on the Canadian immigration and customs officials to approve their visa application. Just as in the United States, there are rules and regulations to be permitted to enter the country, without being a citizen, they do not have to let anyone in they decide is not of good quality.

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