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Requirements for Immigrating as Skilled Workers & Professionals

The category of skilled worker and professional involves those people who already have their university degree and experience in their profession within their own country like engineer, doctor or lawyer. Those who apply in this category must be good in at least French or English language (or both), which are the official languages of Canada.

As per CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), people who immigrate under the category of skilled worker will be eligible providing that they had lived in Canada legally for 1 year as international student or temporary worker, they were already offered an employment in Canada, or they have 1 one year of least experience in any one of the occupations listed by CIC. There are many occupation listed by the CIC for those who wants to immigrate to Canada.

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Why Should You Immigrate to Canada

Migrating to different location (country) sometimes impacts a tremendous effect on the immigrants, because shifting to completely new location changes the lifestyle of the person. Planning to live in Canada will be really an awe-inspiring experience, but it is important to know not whole but at least a little important information about the country, where you are moving.

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Immigrating To Canada Under Skilled Worker Category

First of all, you need check out the Canadian National Occupational Classification for the occupations in which you have experienced or have worked for at least one year in previous ten years. You can find online assessment for free from many websites of representatives of immigration. Use them because they are free. Sometimes, they will […]

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Immigrating to Canada

The CIC, which is a federal department, is ┬áthe one which decides who may come in Canada and creates the policy of immigrating to Canada . CIC is also responsible for implementing laws for immigration. Every immigrant, whether it is a temporary worker or foreign student, have to go through particular related regulation and requirements […]

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